Sunday, July 13, 2014

Making Some Enamel Dots and an Outlawz CAS Challenge

Sometimes I really wonder at the coincidences there are in life. Yesterday, I got a bee in my bonnet that I should make my own enamel type dots that I have been seeing others do. So, I pulled out my toaster oven and made some dots. First, my toaster oven is a convection oven with no way to turn off the fan. Big problems in trying to do double decker dots HAHA.
Unhappy Doubles
If they fell far enough away from each other, the came out as singles like the top pink ones. Otherwise you get a mess. But, I had a lot of fun. I tried pony beads too but the came out misshapen. Doing singles using the Perler beads directly on a shiny tile instead of the parchment paper worked best in my oven. I baked mine at 375 for about 35 minutes.

Some small, some double and some on tile.
Anyway, about the coincidence. After I had finished, I opened an email from The Outlawz CAS (Clean and Simple) Sunday challenge and our card is to be all about polka dots!!! Amazing.  Here I was with all these dots. My first thought, and I ran with it, was the fun candies that came on the strips of paper. They were pure sugar and you peeled them off the paper (some always stuck) and let them melt in your mouth. I think they still sell this stuff!
One of the dots, the very gold one, is made from a dot of "Pearl Pen" that I dropped on my craft sheet and let dry. Many of the yellow dots were white and I airbrushed them with my Copics. I used scissors to cut the two that end of the fold of the paper. This was so much fun to do.

Also, I am so please to see one of my cards featured on the main page of the Outlawz. If you have a chance to hop over there, it is the Stampendous House Mouse blowing bubbles.

Thanks for stopping by and I love to get comments.


  1. Cute card! Your dots came out so better than mine. I tried it, and had more failure than success. I had more luck with the perler beads. I still kept my messy ones though; never can tell when they might work for something. Very creative card!!! So cute and bright! :)

    1. Well, I didn't show the whole batch I threw out LOL! I kept most of my messy ones and will use them in my art journaling. I like art journaling too because anything goes and the more glop on a page the better. Nothing is ever wasted if you art journal! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment :)

    2. The batch I tossed were, what I thought, tiny pony beads. After and hour and nothing happened but the charred paper, I decided that they must have been actually glass beads!!!! Duh :(