Monday, August 31, 2020

I am back...kind of!

I am back!

It’s been a long three months, and a lot of things have happened that have kept me from crafting. Right now, I’m limping along in my new craft room that is less than half of what I had before and so cluttered and disorganized that I have no idea where anything is, LOL! Hopefully, things will improve as we continue to open the enormous number of boxes that came from Arizona to our new home in Texas.

Totally loving the long/tall format. Our nephew and his sweetie purchased a new home so I had to at least try to put something together. I used the Simon Says set Home Sweet Home and colored pencils. 

All of my die cuts are still hiding from me, so my cardmaking is really limited. Can't promise much until I find all of my supplies and find a way to add them to the new space in a way that I can find them. This card took way too many hours as each item I needed was not where I thought it should be! And, for those of you who complain when it takes a few moments to download something.....we have no option but to use satellite in our new home, meaning sometimes you can't download at all since connections often time out. It takes over 24 hours to back up my phone/iPad, and I can't send things with attachments. Goodby Netflix unless you're willing to spool for over a minute every other minute. Some adjustments will be made and I'm not sure how this will affect my online interests. Any suggestions from anyone who has dealt with this themselves will be more than welcomed. 

Nice chatting with you again, my friends!